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Reduction: The Alien Swarm Campaign
Regroup! Reload! Roll Out! - Reduction V3.5 is Ready!
January 8, 2014 - XFunc_CaRteR

Regroup! Reload! Roll Out! - Reduction V3.5 is Ready![]

Attention: Offworld Drop Marines...

Okay, I skipped over V3.4 and went right to V3.5. Got caught up in some changes to Mission 6 (and a bit more)...

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Here's the changelog...

Repair kit added to the payload!
One of you Marines commented on this. So our ODM tech boys threw in a quick repair kit into the carriage. At the first ammo drop, if the carriage has taken some hits, you have the option do a few repairs (if you have a tech Marine). However, putting in that repair took up some space: there's a bit less ammo now (if you need more, bring it).

Those arty buggers were leaking memory!
If memory is like beer back at the barracks mess, then those deaf-and-dumb artillery guys were hogging it! (Fixed a memory leak, originating at the artillery guns, that could cause crashes early in the mission.)

Looks like a few aircraft have crashed recently...
Some aircraft have gone down in this sector lately. You'll see the wreckage as you pass by. Sorry Marines... no time for rescue ops. None of them made it anyway... So keep moving... Those boys at Outpost Charlie are waiting.

Added airstrike marking flares
Apparently, the presence of Thunderhead - our local improvised air support - has caused some confusion among Marines. (I don't know why... Maybe they forgot their basic training...) Anyway, as of this moment all Marines will be required to mark airstrike targets with flares.

The hovercart will now grind crawlers up nicely!
You might have noticed that a bug might occasionally get sucked up under the skirt of the Carriage, preventing forward movement. Some dumbass tech had put in fancy composite material fanblades into the hovercraft's fan mechanism, so the blades would break off and the Carriage wouldn't move anymore. We put the old-tech metal blades back into the hovercart, so rest assured: if any crawler gets sucked into the fan housing it'll be ground up into hamburger momentarily, and you can continue moving forward. (Actually, we had installed this fix months ago... that dumbass tech must've been smoking something...)

New Defensive APC Protocol!
Somebody jury-rigged an APC to act as a front gate for the bridge leading out of the Safe Zone... But apparently, whoever is in charge of that thing is getting sloppy. We had a bug get past it a few hours ago. As of this moment: that APC will remain in the closed position, unless specific orders are given otherwise. In the meantime, Marines wanting to leave the Safe Zone to cross the bridge into hostile territory will need to jump the barrier. (Don't worry... We know that razor wire is nasty sh*t. We've given you a couple jump points to vault it.)

The terrain has changed a bit
Is it me or is there a bit more scorching and rubble on this turf?

Hope you enjoy it...
Just remember: a crawler wouldn't feel sorry for you...

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︵˙ REDUCTION  The Alien Swarm Campaign

XFunc_CaRteR Jan 8, 2014 @ 7:14pm 
Still fighting the good fight...