Greenlight 即將走入歷史。有關在 Steam 上發行遊戲的詳情請見這篇文章
2014 年 4月 30 日 - Tinnitus Games

Finally Reperfection is greenlit! That's so awesome! :D
Thank you all for your support!

Now we have to make some updates to Reperfection and integrate the Steam SDK. Hopefully this is not going to take much time. :)

2014 年 4月 3 日 - Tinnitus Games

There's a great demo playthrough from Shen:

Thanks a lot for making it! :)

2013 年 1月 19 日 - Tinnitus Games

Reperfection is also available as Android App!

2012 年 12月 10 日 - Tinnitus Games

Not sure yet? The demo version of Reperfection is now available in English and German!

2012 年 12月 7 日 - Tinnitus Games

Not yet on Steam, but now you can get Reperfection from other stores. There's also a demo available! Come and visit our website:

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