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Hi everybody!

We are alive and keep developing!

Work on the dialogues texts has been completed. It's a pleasing news since the dialogues make a pivotal part of our game. The picture below shows a table with texts and our dialogues editor. The editor is used to attribute the phrases to various unique events, eyes looks of the characters, body animations, sounds etc.

In collaboration with the Unigine team who agreed to add changes to the engine code, several critical bugs have been fixed, as well as the mechanism of objects holding in the character's hands got improved.

The concept of in-game music was broadened. Besides the story-driven tracks played in the key spots, now the game has ambient music added too. In every of six time spans of the day a dedicated track is played. We'll share more details on that in our next post.

Take care!

November 10, 2013 - Flying Cafe for Semianimals

Our team is not looking for specialists in animation, modeling, texturing, physics adjustment, effects making, lighting, secondary software programming, optimizing and many other disciplines. All of those we already have available within one person.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Roman Malinkin. Heaven blessed us with him to help us out on Cradle. Let's see what kind of stuff lies on his table.

Here's what the numbers above mean:

1 — The Pavilion geometry fix list.
2 — Spil! magazine featuring an article on Cradle.
3 — The Pavilion wind turbine vane shell layout.
4 — Sketches of the flying tram station and a transport line stand.
5 — Stationery. Broken brain-teaser.
6 — Wacom pad.
7 — Koss headsets.
8 — Rubik's Cube. The in-game trailer capturing props.
9 — The buffet.
10 — Debugging console.
11 — Editor window.
12 — Scene structure window.
13 — Tabaha animation graph. A set of commands to blend the character animations.
14 — A radio-controlled helicopter.
15 — A stack of papers with concept art and the tasks accomplished.
16 — Character figurine from the Mystery of the Third Planet cartoon.
17 — Christmas lights.

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November 4, 2013 - Flying Cafe for Semianimals

These are not the screenshots of Cradle. It's a short story on how we got to learn the Unigine engine.

Initially, before licensing the Unigine Engine we had explored it for a while.
We downloaded the trial version and played with it. We really liked its physics module and the renderer quality.
Just to give it some practice we created a small test scene. There we determined many technical and artistic solutions which we now use in Cradle.
We were so much preoccupied with this island that we even integrated some sounds into the scene - here we had the tide and wind howl, trumpet was playing, and when approaching the building doorway, the out-of-tune piano sounds added to the background.

October 31, 2013 - Flying Cafe for Semianimals

We are glad to inform Cradle will provide for the antialiasing feature available in the settings. This is the function to smooth the 'steps' of pixels on the objects' edges. By the way, the Unigine Engine has had the antialiasing feature available for a while now. Until recently we were not very happy with a bunch of artifacts revealing themselves when the antialiasing is activated, so that naturally spoiled the picture. Therefore, we planned to cut the antialiasing out of the renderer completely. However, everything is fine now – the renderer has been adjusted, the artifacts removed.

Check out the Description page here to watch the brand-new gameplay video of Cradle, featuring in-game characters, mini-games and more.
The video demonstrates the recent progress with the development of the game.

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