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Love+ for Mac and Linux now content-complete.
2013. május 14. - Fred Wood

They're not ready for the spotlight yet, but the Mac and Linux ports of Love+ (in the brand new Love++ engine) are completely functional. There's even a new level that has some neat new obstacles.

The update will be pushed to Desura and Level Up Studios owners within the next few weeks.

We're ready for Steam's loving embrace, so please, tell your friends to vote for Love+ on Steam Greenlight! We can't do it without you!

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3 megjegyzés
Ninto55 2013. máj. 15., 16:02 
Ok, I would've thought so. The wording just seemed off to me.
Fred Wood 2013. máj. 15., 12:35 
@Ninto55 Of course it will.
Ninto55 2013. máj. 14., 16:17 
New level? Will that not be on the PC version?