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March 26, 2013 - Darknuke


We had an AMAZING PAX experience. We were packed the whole time and had tons of repeat gamers coming back, several came back all three days. We are even more thankful to those who have either purchased the game and/or upvoted us here on Greenlight. Check out some of these amazing quotes on our Greenlight page:

  • "had SOOO much fun playing this at PAX this weekend. was my favorite game there! we kept coming back to play it (HEY guys I'm the chick that was in the super meat boy sweatshirt :P) this needs to get on steam now!!!" - BulbasaursMeow

  • "Played this game at Pax East! Its legit fun!" - HaxaSaurus

  • "With the voxels, grappling hooks, vehicles, and destructable environments, this game makes for one hell of a wild ride when playing multiplayer deathmatch. Hiding behind blocks doesn't mean you're safe anymore. It's also amazing that you can build while you're in a match using the money that you've gained. Don't forget the customizeability! you can create your own weapons/skins/classes and share them with your friends. The levels work the same way as the classes; play your map on a server and it will be shared with everyone who connects! This game is amazing!" - Jaymous

We even had several ultra skeptics come by, say how terrible the idea was (lack of originality, copying Minecraft, coping another voxel-FPS, etc...). They played it anyway, and when they left, every single person came up to us and admitted the game was actually incredibly fun. They even took post cards so they could play later. That made us feel SO good about our game :).

So be sure to sign up at and play for free! Oh and for those of you who missed PAX, here are some free PAX-East exclusive codes to use (first come first serve), which unlock two skins and two weapon. Use the upgrade account function in game in order to activate them. Must have a registered account in Guncraft to be able to use them.


March 14, 2013 - Darknuke

Guncraft will be at PAX East, in Boston, next weekend! We'll have 4 computers set up at Reverb Publishing's booth, where Onslaught mode will be played, along with some small FFA matches. We are very excited to be showing our game off at another PAX, so come check us out! KuleDud3 (, the maker of the hilarious Guncraft Newbies video, will even be making an appearance or two :).

Also, Erk's new masterpiece, Enchanted Forest is live in today's build. Check it out, on top of the polished leaderboards, new skyboxes for levels, ability to create custom prefabs, spectator lava survival wisps, and some secret features you might see us devs utilizing ;).

Sign up at

February 14, 2013 - Darknuke

This build brings some significant changes to the jumping mechanics. Our Guncraft pros showed us how annoyingly imbalanced our free-form aerial controls were, so we fixed them! Jump mechanics are now momentum based, similar to that of Halo. As a by-product, hookshotting has become a heck of a lot more fun and Spiderman-like, as you maintain your momentum when you let go of the hook.

We've also included a bunch of tutorial images for the game modes. This should help newcomers jump in without being super confused the first few rounds. There's a bunch of other polish changes and additions as well. You can check them out below.

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Here's the full patch notes:

0.39/0.40 Beta 15 Kills bugs dead
Tons of crash fixes
Added sound effects for bike and tank movement, vehicle weapons
Momentum preserved while in air
New privacy setting for clans, players can apply to clans, clan leaders accept or reject applications
Added models for some weapon projectiles (Blockbuster, AC-1337)
Added Kickstarter reward weapons
* If you backed the Kickstarter then you should now have access to any weapons that came with your pledge
Randomizing teams should work correctly now
Prep phase for CTF and Siege Mode
* The host can select a time between 0-5 minutes
* At the beginning of the game you will have that much time to prepare any defenses for your base
For Multiplayer Free Build the host can now choose an empty map
Fixed bug in some maps where parts of the world weren't being drawn
Host can now force start the game
* Any players not ready 10 seconds after the host forces start are kicked
New loading screens
* Click stats in the online lobby to access them
* These are still rough and don't have a UI yet; see for what all the numbers mean
* Due to a bug Score, Captures, Max Wave, Freezes, and Siege Blocks aren't currently being collected for the leaderboards, those will be zero until the next beta
New map: Blocktotron by Erk

December 14, 2012 - Darknuke

This will be a quick update. Christmas comes early for you guys (with even more presents to come)! Check out a sneak peek of one of our 3 ground vehicles coming soon to a Guncraft near you! :D

Also, check this tweet out: It teases our upcoming, new game in the Guncraft lineup. What could it possibly be? Do a little digging and you might find some clues as to just what it is :).


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December 3, 2012 - Darknuke

This is a build we've been extremely excited about finally releasing. After a LOT of hard work, our first publicly playable build of Onslaught Mode is ready to be tested by you awesome people! Try this 4 player cooperative mode online, in LAN, or even play by yourself! It scales appropriately, so you are capable of playing this solo, though it will be more fun with friends. Try playing on the new map, Blockskrieg, for an easy-mode intro to game, or if you're feeling mighty brave, try playing it on PAX Level 6. You'll see why that is one of the hardest Onslaught levels in the game...

There is one catch. You must have a pre-order account to play this mode. We need to start shying away from our 100% free-to-play model, to gear up for our full, paid release in January. So if you want to play this amazingly epic, cooperative mode, you'll have to pony up a measly $10. The next release with ground vehicles will follow the same thing. To access the upcoming THREE ground vehicles that will be released in the next patch, you will need a pre-order account.

There are two other awesome features finally in too. Private messaging and FRIENDS LIST! You can now see when your friends are online, what server they are in, and private message them to tell them to come play with you! This is step one towards the implementation of the clan system. Right now it's all using slash commands (/friend, /msg, etc...), but eventually we'll have an easy to use UI.

Here are the full patch notes (also, get the full list of slash commands here):

0.33 Beta 12 - You asked for Zombies - we give you spiders (and more)* Onslaught mode - our survival mode. ** AVAILABLE TO PREORDERS ONLY ** Onslaught mode can be played in single player or networked with up to 4 players* Friends are now available - click Clans/Stats to add friends... coming soon* Private messaging using /msg {name} in game and in lobby *** KNOWN ISSUE: this doesn't work for usernames containing punctuation **** New Map - Blockskreig* forceHiDef command line parameter to allow older machines to attempt to run the game - it wont work for everyone. Just add forceHiDef (case sensitive to the end of the shortcut you use to run the game. *** Unsupported, use at your own risk, dont complain if it crashes your game, it will probably run slowly, no whining allowed **** Lots of optimisations * Lots of bug fixes.

P.S. Versions .31 and .32 were private releases. That's why we skipped to .33 ;).


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