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Gun Crafting Teaser!
8 april 2013 - Darknuke

Hey, check out this beautiful gun made by our artist using our upcoming Gun Crafting tool. These screenshots were all taken in game using the same tools you'll have at your disposal, once we release on Steam. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or in the Dev Q&A forum post. I'll let the pictures speak for themself :).

First make the gun:

Then give it stats:

Finally try it out before submitting:

P.S. Stats are totally work in progress. This gun is pretty OP as it is right now haha.

13 opmerkingen
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Gmon Mushroom 11 mei 2013 om 8:37nm 
Also please make a apple app meant to be able to guncraft :D
Gmon Mushroom 11 mei 2013 om 8:35nm 
will we be able to edit a allready made gun
[Mops] TENTACLE BOSS 18 apr 2013 om 11:48vm 
That is the shit right there. Props to you guys. Will this be available on release?
Darknuke 17 apr 2013 om 8:46nm 
@sights will be made with a paint editor of your choice. You just upload an image file.
THEALMIGHTYLOAF 17 apr 2013 om 8:38nm 
How will we make the sights?
THEALMIGHTYLOAF 13 apr 2013 om 6:16nm 
This is a really good Idea I'm looking forward to the release of the game!
neon 11 apr 2013 om 11:13nm 
Also how will we be making the guns? I see in that picture of making the gun it looks like an ingame pre-fab builder but the blocks in there we don't have ingame? will there just be a whole bunch of different blocks (colors with no textures) set for guncrafting? And finally can we see a screenie of the stats page scrolled down?:3
neon 11 apr 2013 om 11:08nm 
o: that sounds cool :3, anyway to get more then the set 100 points to assign to stats to a gun?
Darknuke 11 apr 2013 om 8:18vm 
You don't earn the points. You get 100 points per weapon to assign to stats.
neon 10 apr 2013 om 8:44nm 
How will we be earning the points?