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IndieGala GreenLight Collection Update!
27 de marzo de 2013 - Indiegala

Gunz2: The Second Duel, Luminesca and Last Genesis added to our Indie Gala GreenLight Collection. Please check them out, wath the trailers and help us support these games by voting our collection and the games in our collection.

Thank you.

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Danilo (Bola) 13 de jul. a las 21:37 
Alucard ♆ 25 de jun. a las 0:06 
[squad]Dagaogamer 8 de mayo a las 14:13 
nice man but i prefer dayz
capo di tutti capi 18 de abr. a las 10:22 
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neoang3l 7 de feb. a las 23:53 
Nice post
visumecadroide 2 dic. 2014 a las 14:51 
Hey, you could like to take a look at Lavapools on Greenlight : Have fun :)
Douglascof 6 nov. 2014 a las 9:44