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Relica Online RPG
June 26, 2015 - KKKOMBO

Hi everyone i'm currently still working on Relica. And have been slimming out any bugs that may pop up during the games progress on steam. The game as it stands is ready to go right now. But i'm currently working away allot and not able to keep a close eye on any issues. Since i want to keep people happy i need to give this 100% attention and also play my own game with others. The game will be up and ready to go when i'm home.

Thankyou :)

January 23, 2015 - KKKOMBO

Relica has now been accepted onto Steams Greenlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou soo much to everyone who has supported the game in the years past!!! :) we can look forward to a great furture of Mothvale!

January 9, 2015 - KKKOMBO

Thankyou everyone who has voted on my project over the years. :)

January 6, 2015 - KKKOMBO

Will there be microtransactions or members?.

No, the game is like any other just pick up and play. I dont like Memberships or Micros. I strongly believe that a game should be a one time only purchase and not a life time obligation.

How good is the game?.

I will not answer that, will let you be the judge. Only that zone out gaming centre gave the game a 8/10 during the early beta test.

Guys you can start any discussions you want and i will answer any questions.

Thankyou all on your kind support.

January 5, 2015 - KKKOMBO

Happy to announce that relica is now Ranked at #70, Thankyou all so much for your support.

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