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Pro Pinball: The ULTRA Editions
July 31, 2013 - Barnstorm Games

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Pro Pinball: Timeshock! - The ULTRA Edition. We hope you decide to back us, and if you like what you see, please spread the word! Thank you.

June 3, 2013 - Barnstorm Games

We're very pleased to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for Pro Pinball: Timeshock! - The ULTRA Edition will be launching early July 2013!

To help spread the word, we've put out a new Lighting Simulator for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. You can download it now from the Pro Pinball[] website.

Thank you for your support!

April 15, 2013 - Barnstorm Games

Silverball Studios have now joined forces with Barnstorm Games to create ULTRA Editions of all the original Pro Pinball tables. We'll be launching a 'Pro Pinball: Timeshock!- The ULTRA Edition' Kickstarter soon to help speed up development. But in the meantime, we've added a WIP shot of Timeshock! with all the ambient light turned off (you'll be able to do this in the final game too), which shows off the lamps and general illumination to the max. Please take a look, we hope you like it!

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