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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Eador is Greenlit!
2013. január 15. - Snowbird Games

After five months Eador finally gets greenlit to be on Steam! The timing couldn't be better for us as we're closer and closer to the release date. And in situation when some great and already made games are still waiting to be put on Steam such luck makes us super-happy.

And, of course, we were also glad to see the continuous community support over the passed months. Thanks a lot, everyone! :)

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40 megjegyzés
Koovan 2013. febr. 11., 17:48 
Really good news - any suggestion of when release will be?
Bonkom 2013. febr. 4., 11:11 
Love Genesis and am really looking forward to this one. A release tomorrow would almost be too long a wait.
Wiegraf Folles 2013. febr. 1., 3:53 
boylez 2013. jan. 31., 4:28 
SOON!! I hope
coyotekin 2013. jan. 30., 22:07 
athelasloraiel 2013. jan. 30., 12:34 
Welshie 2013. jan. 29., 23:48 
Looking forward to this one, great news!
Mickon 2013. jan. 29., 12:55 
Looks great, looking forward for it!
Hades 2013. jan. 24., 21:22 
Yes! Finally!
Mark Van Vlack 2013. jan. 22., 14:48 
looks great