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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
"Let's Play" series of the first beta
10 января 2013 - Snowbird Games

While the first beta stage is coming to a close you now have the opportunity to see how the game is played without actually going through the problem of signing up for the test!

Here's another "let's play" series of youtuber Das (he did one on Genesis as well) dedicated to Eador. MotBW beta. Please keep in mind that many things you'll see are bound to change and only with that thought should you proceed to watch the video :)

And a big 'thanks' from our team to the testers! Your help is really appreciated.

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wasilisq 17 мар. 2013 в 3:25 
AAAAAAAAAAAA? я хочу эту игру!!!! Ну когда же?!!!
Dovabear 14 янв. 2013 в 9:31 
Хватит это терпеть!
Fency Penguin on Amphetamine 13 янв. 2013 в 10:43 
will definitely buy it!
Бубух 12 янв. 2013 в 10:03 
Concaco 11 янв. 2013 в 11:01 
I hope for 9€ max :)
FabulisT 11 янв. 2013 в 10:54 
I really liked the first part, I want and this
Tweetums 11 янв. 2013 в 2:30 
Any idea how much it'll cost? Can't wait!
The Homicidal Cat 10 янв. 2013 в 19:17 
Everybody should check this game out, looks pretty good, and from what I've read it is getting pretty positive reviews.