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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Eador. Genesis + GOG?
3. joulukuu, 2012 - Snowbird Games

Hi there!

As some of you may already know, Eador. Masters of the World is based on the turn-based strategy that was released only in Russia and in Russian some time ago. That game was called Eador. Genesis.

If you're interested in what the new game may offer you in terms of gameplay you should check GOG.com tomorrow :)

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5 kommenttia
Brunt 4. joulu, 2012 3.15 
вроде на начало 2013 обещают
SomeGuy 4. joulu, 2012 1.20 
I never heard of Genesis before article about new Eador on one game site.
Samariel 3. joulu, 2012 18.23 
Я б и в Стиме сыграл :D
Бубух 3. joulu, 2012 13.38 
зима наступила, а игры все нет :(
MattchuDeePorkupineh 3. joulu, 2012 6.38 
Awesome...but that's just mean. I have to wait a whole 24 hours now. Instant gratification and all. :P