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BROFORCE Playable Updated!
22 травня 2013 р. - Shaz

We've just updated the Broforce alpha - new features include:
- Attack dogs
- Parachute mooks
- New unlockable bros
- Melee attacks
- New environment
- Tanks
- Boss fight!
Play it for free here! :

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Коментарів: 11
i.mcg 24 чер 2013 о 14:47 
So many things are great about this. Love the alpha. Look forward to full game.
ingvarr 21 чер 2013 о 13:11 
yep, its true
Musher88 21 чер 2013 о 11:05 
absolutely amazing game :)
БОТ Лестер 21 чер 2013 о 0:21 
Brigand 27 тра 2013 о 2:12 
totally loving the update! The new bros are awesome! Keep it coming!
Kalenne 25 тра 2013 о 16:33 
I'll definitively buy this game ! It's crazy how much i love it !
ManOfHonor 25 тра 2013 о 13:35 
I love you guys, competed the brototype... Will buy it for sure.
Rehtman 23 тра 2013 о 19:43 
Finally! Always been waiting for that update to the brototype!

Can't wait for the full Broforce!
SThor 23 тра 2013 о 6:12 
I feel like the dogs are a little bit overpowered, especially with the bro who only throws bombs, and the one who launches rockets.
[//] Speed Lancer 22 тра 2013 о 11:38 
Sorry, I keep trying it but the web page kept dying in each of my browsers.