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BROFORCE Representing at AMAZE Festival in Berlin (24th to 28th April)
22 април 2013 - FREE LIVES GAMES

AMAZE Festival are going to be showing off BROFORCE. It's super rad!


We'll have 4 Player Deathmatch running. For anyone who is keen (and can make it to Berlin), it would be awesome to meet you there, and maybe play some BROFORCE together!

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6 коментара
Brook FR 15 май 2013 в 2:33 
could any one give me an URL to download ?
Guillaume.S 14 май 2013 в 13:10 
I played it, and this was great! I want it in Steam
1ffland 29 април 2013 в 2:53 
Been there, played it, loved it - as well!
Demozilla 28 април 2013 в 8:39 
Agreed. Now shut up and take my money.
Vollbernd 28 април 2013 в 0:42 
Been there, played it, loved it!
Baddie™ 25 април 2013 в 13:23