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Igneos: The Last Phoenix
November 25 - Barbossal

Hey everyone!

Originally we had planned to launch the Kickstarter in the last week of November to try and ride the Christmas wave. But after we dug in deeper, we realized that Video Game projects had an alarmingly high failure rate throughout the holiday months. Rather than launch an 'okay' Kickstarter, we are going to take the time over the next month and a half to polish and deliver as strong a page as we need.

We (by which I mostly mean myself), are still learning the ropes of being an indie team. For those of you who have been through this thresher, you know that the one thing people never take enough time to consider, is how you need to Market your project. The great thing about the gaming culture right now is how anyone can delve in and make a game. The challenge now exists where we need to figure out how to develop an audience. That's something we are able to admit we don't really know how to do. We make fun games, not social-media prescence. But we need to do it if we're going to make this work.

So we're going to try and work on getting word out there before we feel like we can launch the game on Kickstarter. For those of you who can help, check out our Facebook page . If you feel inclined, Liking and Sharing is a huge help for us. This is going to help our page really get the game news out to a wider audience. It's a bit less personal than the Greenlight announcements, but the regular audience isn't as active here as we need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to hit up the comments! I'll be around for the next few hours to answer away!

All aboard the Hype-Train.
- Phoenix Dave

November 10 - Barbossal

Hey everyone! The Kickstarter is being mapped out, but we've come to a good place with our budgeting and rewards so far.

We are currently in the process of redesigning the original prototype game. So now's the time that your game feedback is the most welcome!

We've set up a Google Form here: Google Form
If you are able to help, please enter your thoughts on the experience here so we can take it into consideration!

As well! We're starting to plan out the Kickstarter Rewards. What sort of content would you be interested in seeing? So far we've been able to get Crow's Mask hats planned out, and an Alternate elite Phoenix skin for backers.

Sound off in the comments!

Phoenix Dave :D

October 19 - Barbossal

We have a very special announcement for all you Phoenix-Fans out there!

Igneos: The Last Phoenix is coming to Kickstarter! In just under one month, we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign on If we can reach our financial goals, we’ll be able to develop a full game based on the original prototype we’ve released for PC.

We are very excited to undertake this with you all, and it’s all because ofthe positive fan-feedback! To all of our fans who’ve reached out with questions, compliments, and suggestions over the past months, THANK YOU SO MUCH. We’ve especially loved seeing the Let’s Play videos circulating out there on Youtube.

Please stay tuned for updates and please share the word about the game! We will be unveiling news as we near the Kickstarter launch-date! Follow us at @dwdryden on twitter and Like us on Facebook to subscribe to the latest news!

Hit us up in the comments section below for what sort of Kickstarter Rewards you want to see! Custom Skins? Hats? We’d love to hear from you!

Special Shout Outs to our friends
Kakujo ( and
RancidShamble (, take a look at their channels here!

May 13 - Barbossal

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while, and we've been going through some team shuffling as we work to set up our project plan to launch The Last Phoenix. While we don't want to promise a specific date and risk delaying it or putting out the game before it's ready, we will say this: The Last Phoenix will be out this fall for Steam!
((For those of you following on Twitter, you'll know this already. If you want updates as they happen, feel free to follow the Twitter on the man page))

Who's Working on The Last Phoenix?
We are a collection of (mostly) Canadian game developers, working to try and make the best game we can, with what time we have. Currently, every one of us is working a full-time (or above) job to make ends meet. This is why development has, on occasion, slowed to a crawl or questions have gone unanswered. We're sorry for the wait, but we're making good progress to the launch this fall.

As a thanks to all of you keeping up with the game, here's a first-look at Pharos the Phoenix.

March 1 - Barbossal

Hey again everyone!

We wanted to talk a little more about our new designs for the game world and how it's going to influence the game as a whole. Consider this one half dev blog, and one half teasers.

For those of you who played the prototype, you'll remember the game takes place across a single island in the ocean, which is divided up as an open-world styled experience. We were happy with how that worked with our 20(ish) minute demo, but we didn't feel like we wanted to build out a game world that lacked a lot of the structure that we wanted to utilize. A lot of the encounters and challenges we wanted to lay out would have been a little too free-flowing. With a game like ours that has a rather unconventional game design, we wanted to make sure we were setting up encounters of scaling difficulty and opportunity.

The new design for the level flow is more like a Metroidvania style system where you can go from floating island to floating island, and we can put more of an emphasis on specific combat scenarios and puzzles. The floating islands have their own self-contained challenge and identity, and moving frm one to another with bring about new challenges and threats.

Soar above the clouds and explore the frozen wastes of the planet. As the Phoenix unravels more of the mystery of the world that came before, new abilities and enemies will rise to face the challenge.

With new environments to heal, what mysteries lay waiting beneath the frost?

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