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Interstellar Marines
The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn!
29 de Novembro de 2012 - heks

Our time has run out here on Kickstarter and we can now conclude that we've been unable to reach our goal and the subsequent full-scale production of Interstellar Marines: Prologue.

We’ve learned so much from this Kickstarter experience, but the thing that stands out the most, is the huge amount of support and confidence you've all shown in us, and our ambitious game.

With all your generous pledges, helping hands, motivational comments and warm messages, please accept our loud (and digital) applaud as well as a sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Now, we only hope that you’ll consider bringing your support to our community website[].

A new beginning

We could spend the next half year shaping a perfect Kickstarter campaign based on our learnings, but we're convinced that this war is best won from the inside out. Therefore we’ve decided to head back into the trenches, to do what we do best: create games!

In the coming months we'll focus only on developing the features that makes Interstellar Marines both unique and interesting:

  • Highly dynamic multiplayer game modes (AI-controlled)
  • Dynamic environment simulations (Smoke, water, temperature, light etc.)
  • Tactical cooperative features (Revive, assist)
  • Improved character movement
  • Dynamic level design (Imagine Bullseye in multiplayer)
  • Stats/Achievements/Ranks (Community socializing)
  • Distinct Art Direction (Believable science fiction)
  • Much more focus on story and context
  • Clear distinction between people playing for free and paying members

Furthermore, to increase the momentum of the development we’ve decided to dial down our AAA content ambitions for the time being, and focus on getting the above features into the game as fast as possible, and then polish things progressively. We simply can't compete with the big guys (Halo, Black Ops, Far Cry etc.) on content, but we sure can and will on gameplay!

This means we will be able to make much more frequent updates and iterate – in cooperation with you – on the features that distinguishes Interstellar Marines from the rest.

We need your help

Instead of painting blue skies we need to face all our challenges together, and our biggest challenge at the moment is to secure enough funds on a month-to-month basis, to allow us to continue work on the game to the point where it sells itself.

Faced with this reality we've decided to move out of our current office and thus work from our individual homes, in an effort to cut our expenses to an absolute minimum.

You can help us reach this crucial point by joining our awesome community and pre-ordering the game[], knowing that every dollar spent goes straight into the development of Interstellar Marines!

For those of you who decide to pre-order[]; we've extended the bonus rewards from the Kickstarter throughout December, which means you will get the OS-1 Pistol and the Camouflage suit “backer edition” on the Vanguard tier, and the AR-03 “backer edition” assault rifle on the Frontliner or Spearhead tier. After December, these rewards will not be available to anyone else.

Last but not least, our primary investor (Gert) is on a mission to give away 10% of the shares in our company back to the community. We call this initiative “Uncle Gert's Shares for Support Medals Giveaway" and you can read more about it here[].

Surrendering is NOT an option

We sincerely hope that you’ll consider bringing your support to our community website[] and join us in the fight to make this game a reality – one way or the other.

Once again, thank you for your support!

Your team at Zero Point Software

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32 comentários
SilverKatKarma 7 Abr, 2013 às 15:22 
If this game doesn't go through I'm going to lose my faith in humanity. It has so much spirit and ambition I can actually imagine getting somewhere and I'd hate to watch fail. Don't give up Zero Point!
mechanix114 2 Mar, 2013 às 20:21 
I saw this back in '09 and was immediately in love. However it's sad that 4 years later and it's still not out.
Darius2632 17 Fev, 2013 às 3:10 
day zero purchase. just saying... there's no other game or concept I have ever seen that i would like to see and play as much as this. just looks incredable.
Cueil 6 Fev, 2013 às 12:43 
consider using Desura's alpha funding
gateway560 5 Fev, 2013 às 19:00 
I want to buy this SOOOOOOOOOOO bad
Jimmy_Carter 5 Fev, 2013 às 13:26 
God im so gonna preorder this on the site
WiredPathog3n 1 Fev, 2013 às 3:10 
I hope this succeeds in being a hit. There needs to be new IPs and fresh stories floating around. Too many reboots.
baxger 24 Jan, 2013 às 10:27 
You will make it and I will buy it.Don't give up Zero Point Software!
firestarter_Cx 21 Jan, 2013 às 8:53 
You should really consider making deadlock open to free players
gateway560 18 Jan, 2013 às 15:15 
i want to preoder it but im out of cash :(