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Trash TV
April 30, 2014 - Lawrie

Hey everyone, sorry I've been quite for so long. The game is still being produced and nearly ready for release, there have been some slight changes to the launch schedule and scope of the game at launch.

Single Player:

All single player levels have been produced and have gone through a ton of player feedback, I'm down to just two puzzle that need tweaking and testing. Overall it weighs in at 2 hours long of head scratching puzzles and nail biting chases.


Designing for co-op has tricky to say the least, while I'm now really good at playing two characters at once, overall I've only got half of the levels produced, tested and polished to a level I'm happy with. The new plan for co-op is to release it as a post launch free update.

Mac & Linux:

I'm not personally covering the port of the Mac & Linux version, instead a company that worked for the Humble Indie Bundle will be doing the port, they estimate around 2 months to complete it. The good news is I get to focus on getting co-op ready at the same time as the game gets ported.

Level Editor:

This is my lowest priority item and will be something I look at after I secure the co-op and ports.

April 10, 2013 - Lawrie

Website has been redesigned and keep up to date with more regular news there. Also I don't think I've shouted loud enough about CO-OP MODE?!?!?!!

So here's a video cus the game is TV themed not shouting themed.

I might update the Steam demo with a co-op level too.

February 6, 2013 - Lawrie

So I had dinner with some people from Valve last night (along with around 50 other British Indie devs). It was a really great experience and I realised some mistakes I've been making with the game. Originally I'd been very apprehensive of making any promises about what the game will and won't have but this has been at the expensive of the community. So today I'm going to put that right and lay out my intentions for the game.

Post Release Road Map:

Since the game is written in XNA it supports both the PC and the Xbox platforms with ease, however Microsoft hamstring indie developers on the Xbox by not allowing them to release any free content after the game has launched (some developers have stuck in extra content with bug fixes, but it's definitely against their rules). So I'll be delaying the Xbox version while I work on the first batch of extra levels aiming to boost the co-op side of the game.

Around the same time a friend of mine experienced in porting XNA games to Linux and Mac will look at porting to the Mono API. I can't promise that this will work but I have high hopes that it will.

I also intend to release my level editor although this will take a good amount of work to prevent the user from making levels that will crash, as well as put out a series of tutorials on how the system works.

That's all I have planned for now but there could be more. I can't promise all of these things will definitely happen but it's certainly my intention to do all of these.


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