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24 de junho - Rico

Hey everyone,

So we have been toiling away incredibly hard this last month or two. As a result I'm happy to announce that you'll be able to get your first hands on look at Rebirth at Florida Supercon in a few weeks!

Florida Supercon, July 3 - 7[]

We will be there demoing a very very very early and rough version of Rebirth with a lot of the new systems and features we haven't shown yet. Some features will be more polished than others, others will probably be missing at that point. However, we feel like we have enough cool stuff to show to make it worth your while. Plus, the event takes place right at our doorstep for once.

So I'd like to invite you all to come and see us if you can. I'll be there at the booth all weekend, so chat me up, ask questions, request features, anything! In fact, if possible, I may be doing some LIVE development at the booth the entire time as people play the game. So who knows, if you show up and ask for a feature, you may be able to see it get implemented right in front of you :-)

After Supercon we'll be putting out a wave of media to wet your appetites as we finally unveil some of the bigger systems and additions to Rebirth that we've been keeping secret in the last year...

3 de maio - Rico

Hey folks!

I know what you're thinking. "Hey this game got greenlit last year and we haven't heard much since. What the heck??! Dead!"

So very far from the truth.

I have been toiling away at the game as always on my off time from work. This is a labor of love and I'm doing my best at making a game both you all and I will love. As a token of proof I am still alive, I'm uploading a nice new screenshot that hints at some of our new systems in the game... Let's just say you'll be able to see how much SIlent Hill has inspired me in our work. There's quite a lot we will explain about the game soon, but we want to make sure everything is in place before we make some really big announcements.

We're working on a demo, a demo we can take to places to have people play, with their hands, and eyes, and such. We'd like to be at PAX Prime this year so we can see your smiling faces, we'll see if we can get this all ready by then.

We're also working on a new trailer that will showcase all the new features as well as show you all the new and updated art that has gone into the game. This is a horror game after all, and art is important.

The story has also been fleshed out quite a bit. You all are in for a treat soon!

We're also exploring the possibility of crowdfunding so we can get some people to help us do sound and character design/art. It's not really about making money with this idea, it's more about getting the game done faster since my funds are very limited so being able to pay folks to make us art will increase the quality and the speed at which we can get things done.

I encourage you all to check out our official website, or follow me on twitter if you want to make sure I'm alive. You can also find some free gamejam games on our site, one of which is a procedurally generated horror game made in 2 days.

Until the next teaser...

5 de setembro de 2013 - Rico

Because you are awesome people, I slaved over my desk/lair this week and composed this video with my super amazing programmer art skills.

19 de junho de 2013 - Rico

Hey everyone,

I added a couple of new screenshots of our new environments. What does everyone think, do you like the direction we're going with?

8 de dezembro de 2012 - Rico

Hey folks!

This is a long overdue inside look at the start of procedural building generation. Please have a look, and enjoy!

Rebirth Dev Diary #1 Procedural Building Generation []

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