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Path to the Sky
Little bird Deoka!
14 січня 2013 р. - dek

The little bird in the game called Deoka is something I want to implement. You can remote control him to disable traps or other things in remote places that you can not get to by yourself. We will see how this turns out soon :) For now I have been doing his AI, its a very amazing thing to do. Its also the first time I use rotation in my engine, because it allows me to make his movement look much more real. Depending on his speed and flight angle, his sprite will be rotated so it looks like he is actually flying. He will also stop flapping his wings when he has enough speed and just glide through the air.

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40ozBOUNCE-imok- 23 січ 2013 о 23:42 
Very cool! Reminds me of being little playing 8-eyes on the NES!
dek 15 січ 2013 о 8:53 
Hmm, okay. I'll take it as your opinion but I have to say that I personally disagree on the part that you cant get attached to fictional, inhumane characters. Its obviously not as strong as in real life with a real pet or a human though. I appreciate your feedback though and I'll spend some time thinking about it.
Pomf 14 січ 2013 о 22:52 
@ba! Learn to follow a conversation. Dek was trying to appeal his case by saying Shadow of Colossus was good even though it had a "mascot" character, and I replied that while a horse is cool, a bird is not.
Anyways, I always prefer when there is no kind of mascot character in my video games, even though I loved Shadow of Colossus, I didn't like the horse either. There is a great feeling of immersion when you are all alone in a beautiful video game and able to explore it all by yourself, you alone against the world and elements. That feeling is broken by mascot characters. Further more, I can't get emotionally attached to animal or robot mascot characters that video game devs through in their games sometimes because they aren't even human.
[LBR] Djow 14 січ 2013 о 17:52 
I showed this game to a friend, he said "WHAT A BEATIFUL GAME BRO", the same I did when I meet the game first time.
Hyetal 14 січ 2013 о 17:45 
The game appears to be coming along nicely. Looking very good.
Pomf 14 січ 2013 о 16:52 
@dek, a horse is cool though, but a bird is not, just look at Cedric the Owl...
Blodyavenger 14 січ 2013 о 15:38 
That birdy looks pretty cool man!
Alexspeed 14 січ 2013 о 14:19 
The games name is "Path to the SKY" - there are bound to be birds up there somewhere. I like it, even more if its part of the gameplay instead of just a useless gimmick. =)
That Damnable Mr. Munkee 14 січ 2013 о 14:19 
The animation of the bird is amazing - I like the addition of him, and I think it will potentially add many new gameplay dimensions to this game! Totally looking forward to it, and best of luck with the development!
dek 14 січ 2013 о 14:15 
@Scribble can you elaborate? Mascot sounds very negative. Its not just some visual gimmick, but something that actually adds some more interesting gameplay and emotion. I dont understand why you think it breaks immersion. Its not a too crazy thing, Its just a bird that could very well exist in the universe. Animals that are with the player usually seem to work well in games this way (Think Zelda, Shadow of the colossus). It always felt great to play with these followers and occasionally call them for support. Especially shadow of the colossus, which has a mostly empty world (like PTTS).