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Stardew Valley
New Official Trailer
9. Februar 2013 - ConcernedApe

The new Stardew Valley trailer is up on url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO1gjnmgKAM&feature=youtu.be]youtube[/url] and on the steam Greenlight page. :)

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21 Kommentare
『Mikublaster69』 21. Aug. 2013 um 1:04 Uhr 
Don't compare this to Harvest Moon! Harvest moon is an excellent game, but that's not fair to Stardew Valley. This game looks really fun and I want it to succeed. Let it make a name for itself and the developer's hard work, instead of making comparisons! I think this will be the first of it's kind on steam, correct me if i'm wrong.
Maieath 9. Mai 2013 um 5:08 Uhr 
Greenlight is SUCH A TEASE, want it D:
Killdrax 25. Apr. 2013 um 18:31 Uhr 
The best games on Steam Greenlight takes ages to be released.
FilFortress 5. März 2013 um 15:53 Uhr 
We need more games like this! Looks really immersive and the pixel art is gorgeous!
machobla 20. Feb. 2013 um 11:13 Uhr 
went im goint to play this game
Giant Cheeseburger 11. Feb. 2013 um 19:40 Uhr 
Excellent! Looks more fun and cool than any Harvest Moon game I've seen!
NovaCrusade 11. Feb. 2013 um 9:53 Uhr 
It's amazing to finally see a game that reinspires the old SNES style of Harvest moon, compared to the new titles in that old series. I can't wait to see it come to fruition!
Killdrax 11. Feb. 2013 um 3:39 Uhr 
Great music and great cover on the main features of the game. I'm really impressed on the trailer's quality!
Troll 10. Feb. 2013 um 17:11 Uhr 
Wow, nice music and really good scenes. The big difference I see for now from Harvest Moon which seems a big plus is the mouse support. It seems to add much better control and less mistakes like throwing vegetables all around and planting seeds nowhere.

I like how the farm appears to be quite huge compared to teh ones in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games.
Qweets 10. Feb. 2013 um 15:23 Uhr 
Looks amazing!!! Throwing my money at my monitor isn't doing anything though!! wtf?