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Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is IndieDB Editor's Choice Upcoming Indie Game of the Year!
1 janvier 2013 - ConcernedApe


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sersitan 1 mai 2013 à 22h32 
omg, looks awesome!!!!! great as far as i can see :D
FeaR ` Dejnio 7 avr 2013 à 11h44 
amazing game, i hope it will come out soon :)
SandyBill 31 mar 2013 à 10h23 
The moment this game is on sale, I know 3 people ( + me ) that will buy this game ! Just going to be Awesome.
Fears85 9 mar 2013 à 11h21 
I Will Totally Buy If This Gets Released on Steam
OMAIZARD [Alchemus] 2 mar 2013 à 20h02 
C'mon release it!
hawaiooooO 18 fév 2013 à 7h46 
Release, NOW! =)
deidicke 14 fév 2013 à 7h13 
GO GO GO! :)
dragonspirit8 13 fév 2013 à 11h13 
Looks great! I really like all the games available now with the retro graphics and this looks like it has a lot of great features with multiplayer, crafting and exploration. Can't wait to play it!
Nimbus 11 fév 2013 à 17h21 
Harvest moon like and multiplayer heck yeah I'm getting this if only throwing money at screen made it come faster
ProfRiles 7 fév 2013 à 21h19 
Im Checking EVERYDAY, I keep wanting to play Harvest moon 64 SOOO BAD, I CANT WAIT FOR STARDEW VALLEY!!!!