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Ember Strike
May 26 - andyk_

The game has changed massively since we first started this project. We'll be coming to Steam soon!!!

May 14, 2013 - H3ath3r

Since our last update on Steam much has changed!

  • Now you can play in the Bonsai, home to Katsu.
  • Buy items in the store with embers to equip your Warble and improve your stats out on the battlefield.
  • Feed nuggets to your Floom to level him up. The higher his level, the more rewards you recieve for coming out victorious in battle.
  • Open world! No more loading screens. Enjoy the view of the kitchen as the camera flies from scene to scene.

December 23, 2012 - andyk_

- You now control how the cannon fires. Time your shots right do serious damage.
- Behold: the slingshot. Rain fire on your opponent and torture warbles at the same time.
- Katsu, the lady ninja added.
- Katsu's ultimate power is now an evolvable ultimate. See the evolution from Mr. Warbles to Cocoon Samurai to the mighty Wothra. Mr. Warbles steals mana from your opponent. The Cocoon Samurai protects you from damage being dealt by your opponent. Wothra deals devastating damage, albiet in her own way.
- We now have a round timer. Matches are now time limited to 3 minutes.
- Tons of polish all over.

Please help us improve our game. All feedback welcome and appreciated.


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