Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game
Video - Turbos and Diagnostics
11 februari 2013 - Daffyflyer

Turbos are progressing well, and should be on target for a projected release of around early march.

Watch the video below for an walk through of the current state of turbos and a preview of the diagnostics system


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passenger 17 feb 2013 om 3:45nm 
gogogo! looking forward the release of the game under Steam flag :P
[HYST] Merlyn 12 feb 2013 om 11:29nm 
Excited for this!
Daffyflyer 12 feb 2013 om 11:04nm 
Yes, that's exactly what it is! :) (only the engine part is complete so far)
carnage329 12 feb 2013 om 7:29nm 
oh! Thank you. It is a game of running a car make company?
Daffyflyer 12 feb 2013 om 3:08nm 
carnage329 12 feb 2013 om 6:40vm