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Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game
New trailer for our next update, with release date!
30 novembre 2012 - Daffyflyer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnxTh-QdIKA - Watch to the end for a release date announcement for the huge update :)

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5 commentaires
Remth2 15 jan 2013 à 8h43 
I can't wait its always my dream game.. A company game and making car's. Thanks for the information and do your best
Daffyflyer 14 jan 2013 à 21h19 
Nope, and the full game won't be complete until sometime in 2014 I'd say.
Remth2 11 jan 2013 à 7h33 
is the game released?
Daffyflyer 10 jan 2013 à 16h59 
Nope, december 5th 2012, we've already released this update
Remth2 9 jan 2013 à 8h35 
december 5th ??? 2013?