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The Legend
July 27, 2016 - AustinHand

Good Afternoon Fans!

"The Legend: A University Story" is officially available on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store, Please check our previous announcement today for all info on the game. We are honored to finally be at this point, all the way from 2013.


July 26, 2016 - AustinHand

Good Afternoon Fans!

We're proud to finally announce the release and launch of the Early Access edition of "The Legend: A University Story", the adapted title from our 2013 title: "The Legend"

You can purchase the Early Access Edition at 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST), on the Steam Store and the Humble Store (Humble Bundle)

What has changed sinced our 2013 title? Everything, for the better.

From 2013, one of the most anticipated Indie-Horror games is finally here! Backed with NextGen graphics, beautiful and immersive original soundtracks and a unique story that will keep you asking for more chapters to come!

We pride ourselves on producing an atmosphere and experience that will resonate with our audience. Notice that we say audience and not customers. We are focused on delivering a good-story, that just so happens to be a game rather than a game with a mediocre story or plot for support or continuity. For our first installment of "The Legend" series, we've chosen a backdrop that many of our audience can relate to: College. Everyone in the atmosphere, or has a friend immersed in it will understand. For students:

The fear of walking back to their dorms late at night alone.
The fear of being followed by a dark presence.
The fear of being assigned that psychotic, crazy roommate.
We've also tackled the fears of this atmosphere from another angle too. From the perspective of the staff, specifically, the Campus Police Department:

The fear of finding strange things on the CCTV system.
The fear of patrolling the facilities late at night.
The fear of being too-late.
In this release you will be receiving three chapters, each with a unique perspective, mechanic and atmosphere to immerse you in the story of West University. Specifically:

Chapter Zero: The Story

An opening chapter, where you will be introduced and playing Sergeant Thompson, the Night-Watch Commander for the University Police Department. In this chapter you will be patrolling the facilities of West University, while in contact with your rookie police dispatch officer on the hooks.

Chapter One: The Oracle

In this chapter, you will be introduced and play as Officer Morrison. A Rookie (New-Hire) Police Dispatch Officer who is thrust into a campus atmosphere that has found itself immersed in darkness. You main purpose is to watch those CCTV systems, and patrol the dispatch office from time-to-time, to ensure the safety of all students walking late-night on campus.

(Each Student has a randomly generated phone number, to ensure that gameplay is never the same everytime.)

Chapter Two: The Roommate

In this chapter, you will be playing as Ashley Tamon, of whom, you will have already been introduced in Chapter One. Chapter Two: TR takes place weeks prior to Chapters Zero and One. You are returning to your dorm to your foreign-exchange student roommate who may have stolen some of your belongings again. As with any college, young adult, preppy girl, your phone is glued to your hand in this life/death scenario.
We hope to use this Early Access Launch to finish Chapters: Three (The Walk, VR-Supported) & Four (The Haze), to provide a total of five chilling chapters with unique perspectives and stories filling the atmosphere of West University. Furthermore, we hope to use these proceeds to examine the possibility of our next title: "The Legend: Tales from the Bayou", where we will tackle the folklore, underground rumblings, fears and terrors of the famous swamplands.

February 1, 2016 - AustinHand

Good Morning Everyone,

Our later press release is up, featuring our voice actors and actual gameplay as requested by the community.

Be sure to tweet us with any questions or comments! @Howlinglegendst

-Austin H.
Project Lead

January 17, 2016 - AustinHand

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Be sure to check out our latest press release, as we finally enter the 45 countdown to our Early Access release!

-The Legend Team

January 5, 2016 - AustinHand

Good Afternoon everyone!

Below is the link to our latest press release, revealing the details and some of the story behind the new edition of "The Legend: A University Story"
Dated: 1/4/16

Best Regards,

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