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The Legend
March 23 - AustinHand

Good Afternoon Fans!

Today we've made good on your promise to post another update within a week of our previous news posting. Check out the new Trailer / Showcase for "The Legend" at:

Also, remember to follow us on Twitter!


If you have any questions, tweet us and one of our developers will be sure to get back in contact with you. Reasonably.

-Austin H.
Project Lead

March 12 - AustinHand

For those wondering, check our ModDB for the latest news regarding "The Legend". This project is back ON.

**News will be posted on ModDB once authorized by their administrators. It is currently pending. Keep checking back.**

April 11, 2014 - AustinHand

Darkness Emerges.

(To our loyal fans, your calls are always heard. "The Legend" is not dead, however, this is a small indie team with giant workload. Thank you for all of your support. We will not be letting you down.)
"The Legend" Project Lead

June 21, 2013 - Paragon

Hey everyone, things have been going very well for "The Legend" recently.

This month has been an incredible month for everyone at Elder Productions. As some of you already know we have lined up two publishing platforms: Steam Greenlight and Humble Bundle.

In addition we have spoken with and met Xaviant LLC[], who have become a direct supporter for "The Legend". More on this later.

And of course, for your viewing pleasure we have also added two new screenshots to the website gallery showcasing "The Ward".

"The Ward"[]

If you have any questions regarding the game please check out our new developer Q&A thread on our greenlight page, we will try our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
If you would like to assist in the production of "The Legend" or want to schedule an interview you can visit our contact page here[].

All of us at Elder Productions are hard at work sculpting our vision of "The Legend" in order to make it the scariest and most immersive horror experience possible. We appreciate all the support from you guys, it truly keeps us going.

- Elder Productions

Next month:

  • "The Ward" Backstory
  • New Music
  • (TBA)

May 18, 2013 - AustinHand

Be sure to join us on twitter for our next developer Q&A session about "The Legend". Any question is free-game. Team Leader, Austin Handle, will be answering as many questions as time permits. Also, some questions will be featured on the next Elder Productions Newsletter.

We'd love to answer questions from our fans! We couldn't have been Greenlit without you.
-Elder Productions Team

Use the Hashtag #thelegenddev to participate in the Q&A for the month of may! We look forward to hearing from you.

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