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Upcoming: Vitrum Stage Editor!
12. marraskuu, 2012 - 9heads

Hey people,

We are here to announce that we are working on the Stage Editor for Vitrum, soon we'll release it!

You'll be able to fully design and create your own stages, upload them to our servers and share them with the entire Vitrum community.

Also, you'll be able to download shared stages, play them and rate them!

Let's see who will create the most awesome Vitrum stage ever!

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3 kommenttia
SaS || Navy 21. elo, 2013 17.31 
needs more , but then I cannot see the whole game yet
Microsoft Word 2010 12. marras, 2012 13.06 
Looks awesome.
Striker 12. marras, 2012 7.06 
Great news. Hope you'll also add workshop support.