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Swords and Sorcery - Underworld
May 28 - OlderBytes

Hello and thanks to all for your support so far.

I've been working on Underworld's sequel and paused on that to use the new engine to upgrade Underworld. There will be a series of short updates to show the improvements. The first was published this morning. It is about the new combat system. Read it here, it's short and sweet!

About the greenlight process I've been hovering around 80% for some time. I've been very quiet with the late engine rebuild but I'm hoping I'll be able to close the gap pretty soon.

Naturally any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

January 20, 2013 - OlderBytes

Swords & Sorcery - Underworld Discovery sale for just $4.95 runs until january 27th! 40 hours of old school goodness including innovative tactical combat options, skills, a nice plot, many NPCs, over 100 different enemies for almost nothing :)

Try the demo, see what players have said about it, and read the first development posts for the sequel (soon to be on Greenlight as well!)

November 24, 2012 - OlderBytes

The first weeks after release gave much opportunity to interact with players, get feedback, publish updates and... Well to be honest fix a few bugs - tiny ones, really :)

v2.0.17 (Yes, 17th release!) features an optimized trading system and combat orders (yet still deliciously old-school), new stores, optimized combat orders, retweaked balance (rogues might well be the most useful in any RPG you've ever played except Thief), there's more stats players asked for in screens, new spells, new options within existing spells, critical misses that add tactical dilemna, ...

And the price for the game is now $14.95 for an estimated game length of about 40 hours (source: RPGFrance review).

Thanks everyone for following dev news on my brainchild!


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