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Shadow Strike [InDev]
August 8 - SHADOWxWOLF

i posted some new images most of the work is untextures thats because most of the work so far is been modeling and coding. i havent done much texturing because its a pain in the ass to do. and i still dont know what kind of visual style i want the textues to be yet.


So i was just going over the votes of the game and so far i have 3,000 yes votes and 12,000 no votes. so im going to put it here if the game doesnt get over 7,000 yes votes by new years the game and the company will be shut down. due to no intresst in the game and no more funds that i can run the development of the game off of. so far all the money for the game development has come out of my own pocket. how ever if i do get over 7,000 yes votes i will continue gave dev mainly because it shows me that in that time ppl have more interest. between now and then i will be releaseing more pictures. they will be heavly unfinished but its just ment to show you guys all of what we are doing. i feel that i havent been showing enough due to the fact that the items were not finished and i didnt want any more no votes. so i hope to get more yes votes but i really dont have the funds to continue a game that no one is intersested in.


i was able to get some cash and i paid for the new parts and game dev will resume as soon as possible.


I have some bad news. the game developemnt. will be on hold for a few months. this is dude to my computer failing on me. the motherboard, cpu and powersupply have gone bad on my computer and i currently do not have the funds to relpace the parts at this time. but the hard drive and ssd's are still intacked and the game files are safe so i wont have to redo most of it. im sorry to those ppl who have been waiting all this time. and for this once i get my computer backup and running i will give 250 prem accounts out for free which would have costed ppl $5 per person.


so i just got done writing a new shader for my game. this one was a bit tricky to get but it is well worth it. still a bit buggy when the camera is moved but waht it is, is that it allows me to use multiple cube maps that i generate using a script that i created. then when i place it in empty game object it allows me to make reflections on walls with bump maps making it look like realtime reflections. ill show that in the next update

im also messing around with creating a cubmap generatore that creates the cub maps on the go with the player. so if there is a player near by it will show up on the reflections. but it wont update as fast. it only updates once every seconds so players in the reflections will apper to be shown fram by fram this is due to the heavy proformance impact.

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