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Megabyte Punch
20 février 2013 - [TR]Tim

A new home, new way of painting and sliding walls! Check out these and other new features in the latest update! http://www.indiedb.com/games/megabyte-punch/news/megabyte-punch-update-10

1 février 2013 - [TR]Tim

Megabyte Punch is currently in the Greenlight Bundle! Go check it out: http://thegreenlightbundle.com/

31 décembre 2012 - [TR]Tim

Enter the binary fortress, buy new parts with your bits and enjoy a new dynamic music system! Update 8 is live! http://www.indiedb.com/games/megabyte-punch/news/megabinary-punch

10 décembre 2012 - [TR]Tim

Prove yourself in the tournament, win rare parts and enjoy new fight levels! We also updated the look of the first stages. http://reptile-games.com/blog/update-7/

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