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Megabyte Punch
3 juin 2013 - [TR]Tim

We thank all of you for yes voting! We are now among the Top 100 on Greenlight. Keep spreading the PUNCH to get us Greenlit!

19 mai 2013 - [TR]Tim

Thanks to Jesse and Josh we had a great Greenlight boost. We are on 85% towards the top 100 at the moment. Your YES vote can help us into the top 100! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccIuE3OxP4A Thanks for all your support.

15 mai 2013 - [TR]Tim

We recently released our latest update 11.5. With this update we are entering the final phase of the game! An official release date will be announced later. http://reptile-games.com/blog/megabyte-crunch/

14 avril 2013 - [TR]Tim

In-game configurable input, 9 new hidden colors, the Cybra (mini-boss) and quite a bit more! Update 11 has arrived. http://www.indiedb.com/games/megabyte-punch/news/megabyte-punch-update-11

28 février 2013 - [TR]Tim

Megabyte Punch is now available in the Humble Store widget on www.megabytepunch.com

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