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The Age of Decadence
Development Update
30 de Junho de 2013 - Elhoim

We have been working very hard on the game on the past few months, and we are very proud of the progress we have been making on all fronts: Technical, gameplay and artistic. Here are the past updates we posted:

March Update:,3257.0.html

April Update:,3291.0.html

May Update:,3330.0.html

June Update:,3347.0.html

Thanks everyone for your support!

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10 comentários
Verkkosissi 3 Set, 2013 às 10:37 
I cantstand this waiting anymore
fromthedesert 15 Jul, 2013 às 11:16 
Hoping for that Thursday to come.
red_ant751 12 Jul, 2013 às 10:48 
rglogowski 3 Jul, 2013 às 17:53 
Great work - keep it up!
Psycho 1 Jul, 2013 às 15:03 
Keep it up!
feonis21 1 Jul, 2013 às 14:41 
Нууу, графа стала по-интересней, пальмачки там, гробницы
А арена - так я вообще молчу, как настоящая
Когда релиз будет ???
Above the Rim 1 Jul, 2013 às 10:45 
Ohh yeah!
[SHC] Maghnus 1 Jul, 2013 às 8:13 
Looking forward to getting this on Steam. :)
Тарасікпідарасік 1 Jul, 2013 às 4:55 
waiting for it
Vandal delle 3V 1 Jul, 2013 às 3:40 
keep it up!