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The Age of Decadence
AoD Beta Russian Version Released!
8. januar 2013 - Elhoim

A Russian version of the Age of Decadence beta has been released. We'd like to thank the Russian gaming community who got together and translated the demo that was released earlier. It was a huge project as the demo has a lot of text and dialogues, and it took them 9 months to translate it all.

We are humbled and very, very grateful for their effort to bring the demo to people who wouldn’t be able to play it otherwise. Their hard work is a stamp of approval and we’d like to thank everyone who was a
part of that project. We hope your countrymen will appreciate your effort.

Without further ado, this is the link to the latest version:

This is the Russian patch that magically changes everything to Russian:

So, if you happened to speak Russian or perhaps want to learn it
because that’s the language Lenin spoke, apply the patch and enjoy

Thank you again, guys.

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16 kommentarer
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