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Zombeer ®
February 4 - Moonbite_Games

Hi Brainz !

we have uploaded a NEW BUILD with b]unlimited framerate.
Download it if you to enjoy this improvement ;)

Now we're working in the FOV (field of view) option ... it is a lot of work because we must change the FOV in several situations: walk, run, ironside, drunk (hehe), cinematics ... but a few of you have requested to control the FOV so we work on it to give you the option ... the game is for you :))

We'll need a few days to make the changes/test the game and upload it.

We'll keep you informed !!

February 2 - Moonbite_Games


We are working on a new build analyzing how can we include the improvements you're saying.
We're reading carefully your comments to improve Zombeer working with you :))

We will try to include acceleration.
We are also exploring how to improve the FOV.
And we are reviewing the frame rate to give you as many frames per second as possible.

We want to upload a new version quickly so ...
... No food, no sleep ... just coffee and code !!

Thanks for playing Zombeer and your feedback :)

January 28 - U&I Entertainment

Woo HOO!

Very happy to announce that Zombeer was approved for release!

We're launching Zombeer @ 9am PST Friday January 30th. Keg 'Em UP!

In the meantime we're going to load up our brand new community hub with juicy screen shots and videos from the Greenlight work. Post your crazy Zombeer goodness there!

May 14, 2014 - Moonbite_Games

We're finishing with the agreements and administrative issues about the release of Zombeer in Steam.
Probably next week we'll write with news about it ;))

Meantime we want to inform you that ...

Our new game is titled SKIZO

We are developing a horror game compatible with Occulus Rift. It is a journey through the mind of a deranged murderer ... you are going to live this experience first person.

If you like the genre and want to see how we are developing this game: you are invited to come to our facebook group and witness the process of creating SKIZO the game and participate with reviews, polls , suggestions, etc ....

What do you have to do to enter the group?
Easy: just go to [url] and request access, the admin will accept your request. The group is closed because we only want horror-game lovers in this critical phase of the development.

Living the SKIZO experience you are going to experiment and act inside madness.
You´re not going to assume the role of the classical victim like in many films and games, but the murderer experience.
In fact: you're not going to play. You're going to be involved on a demential experience.

We're designing an enviroment in which you'll be able to live into one individual mad mind ... we want to understand how the insane mind of a killer works.

So if you're a very sensible person or if you're not interested in the extreme experiences, please don't go, you're not going to enjoy the game.
But if you have questions without answer about this themes, if you want to experiment altered states of the mind or simply if you're curious ... enjoy the group, share your feelings with us ... and get ready ... because we're developing SKIZO for you.

(You must be +18 years to access to this group)

November 11, 2013 - Moonbite_Games

Hi Brainz !!

Zombeer has been Greenlighted, and it's because you and other Steam Community Members have wanted, and this is really really amazing, we've not words enough to say THANKS :DD

and do you know what ? We got it in the Halloween week, that was a good treat, hehe !

Now it's time for working in the release. It'll be ASAP ... we're filling papers and more papers @.@ it's not fun but is necessary and in a few weeks we'll publish the release date :D

Meantime, we want to celebrate with you guys the Greenlight experience, so ... we've uploaded a few new pictures:

2 Characters

- Mr. Zombthong !!
When he was human he loved dance and crazy party, now he's a Zombie and he's still dancing everywhere. If he dances for you, then your Zombeer in blood level will increase quickly, and that's really dangerous :))

- Chancellor Colon Duty !!
He's the bad guy. When he was human he was triying to seduce the girls now he's a Zombie and he wants to kidnap your zombie-girlfriend.

4 Gags references in game

Zombeer is full of gags and references of games and films that we love ... how many gags are there in Zombeer? well that's a secret ... we're going to organize a contest about it "Who will find all in game references?" ... We've uploaded 4 pictures with a few in game references examples ;))

Stay Tuned, we'll continue uploading info, screenshots, videos ... and new contests and promotions just for your Braaaaaainzzz !!!

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