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Interview with 10tons/Crimsonland backround bits
19 de Dezembro de 2012 - 10tons

There's a fresh interview about 10tons, with several interesting bits about Crimsonland's origins and such at http://nardio.net/2012/12/19/10tons-ltd-interview/ . Check it out, send the link to your friends and twist their arm to upvote Crimsonland here in Steam Greenlight!

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3 comentários
Youtube.com/teamfarce 9 Mai, 2013 às 0:34 
If you don't green light this game I will kick you in the balls then shoot you with a plasma cannon
Tweed 20 Dez, 2012 às 17:15 
I'll cry man tears to see Crimsonland on Steam, but dear Lord I'm still waiting on Crimsonland 2!
Beginner 20 Dez, 2012 às 6:36 
Can't wait for Crimsonland.