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NärCon Tournament
August 7, 2013 - Coilworks

The first ever tournament in Cloudbuilt was held at NärCon in Linköping, Sweden two weekends ago. For those of you that haven’t heard about NärCon before, it is a combination of an anime- and a gaming convention and takes place over four days at the University campus in Linköping. Last year there were between 3000-4000 attendees, so it’s quite small compared to the American behemoths but the convention spirit was definitely there.

Coilworks team members watching convention attendees grind for better high-scores

The tournament was set up in the e-sports room, with four computers dedicated to Cloudbuilt where people could just play the game or hunt for the top high-scores in the two qualifier levels available. The reaction to the game was absolutely amazing; there was always someone there trying to shave a few seconds of the current high-score. Some got the hang of the game faster than others but after a while everyone seemed to have a firm grasp on how to direct Demi through the different obstacles. What was really cool was how someone figured out a trick or shortcut and then seeing that information spread between everyone that was playing the game, which caused different routes to form through the levels that was a combination of all the different tricks and shortcuts.
Thursday and Friday was dedicated to the qualifications and on Saturday afternoon the top 10 players based on their high-scores was selected for the finals. In the finals they were presented with a new level that was a bit harder, and had enemies they hadn’t seen before, and were given 30 minutes to set the best high score they could. As the level was harder than the qualifiers the first high-scores clocked in at several minutes even for the fastest players, but in the end it was really tight with the top five being within three seconds of each other and the best player coming in at 50.144 seconds. Only six seconds slower than our own internal dev high score (and we have been training for a year :) ).

Finalists in complete focus trying to beat the new level

The high-scores from the finals were:

  • Twobie - 50.144 seconds
  • Molekon - 50.426 seconds
  • Rasmus - 50.842 seconds
  • Sebbe - 53.032 seconds
  • Magnus H - 53.090 seconds
  • Philip K - 56.235 seconds
  • Erik B - 59.121 seconds
  • Colbalts - 1 minute 0.04 seconds
  • Timmeee HH - 1 minute 08.594 seconds
  • Anna N - 1 minute 16.122 seconds

Finally we want to give a big thanks to the staff at NärCon that set up and ran the tournament!

Oh, and we have a bunch of statistics from NärCon that we still need to process, which will probably make for an interesting future post.

E-sports room almost completely taken over by Cloudbuilt finals

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Catharsis Aug 10, 2013 @ 9:43am 
I wanna play the game Again Q.Q

Mana drew it xD
skwi Aug 9, 2013 @ 4:58am 
@Wrath of NirA
That's not ours, someone else had drawn the Tengen Toppa logo on the whiteboard :).
Left? Aug 9, 2013 @ 4:48am 
Logo looks like Shadow Fiend from DotA with glasses
skwi Aug 9, 2013 @ 4:40am 
@[GMT]McMayne I know the feeling (...well about games I'm not on the development team for at least ^^). In the mean time if you happen to be in London around 26-29 September we will be bringing a playable version to IGA at Eurogamer Expo!
Schweddy Balls Aug 7, 2013 @ 4:07am 
gaaaaaaaaa we need this on steam id like to play so bad!