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February 22, 2016 - Retroburn

The Steam store page for Positron is now live! I'm happy with the current build of the game and have set a release date of March 17th :)

The game will be launching with three game modes and over one hundred levels. I have plans to add more game modes and levels later on and also plan to extend the game with more multiplayer options when I have time to properly test and finish those too. I may run a private beta for that stuff after the game is live.

Thanks to everyone that helped get the game greenlit and to all those that follow me and my game/company profiles on social media. Please help spread the word to give Positron a bloody good push on March 17th!


May 15, 2014 - Retroburn

With Update Show in Manchester and Play Blackpool now behind us we're working hard on getting Positron ready for release as soon as possible starting with the PC/Mac/Linux version on Steam and the mobile releases on iOS and Android.

We demoed a version of the game at both the recent shows featuring the medium speed bike on a randomly selected maze. We've had a few hundred people play the game and got some great feedback too. We're now working on implementing some new features, fixing up some rendering issues and updating the whole GUI for the game to bring it up to release quality for the Steam release.

The demo version from Play Blackpool has now been uploaded for you try on your own PC (sorry, Windows only for this demo) and can be downloaded here:

Download: Positron 2014 Expo Demo (Windows PC)[]

Demo notes:
The demo switches to full screen at desktop resolution automatically. There is no windowed mode.
The demo places you in a random maze level which can be one of the easy, tough, or extreme mazes.
Use the arrow keys or left/right on a supported X-Input controller to navigate to the exit.
Pressing the 1, 2, or 3 keys will switch to a random easy, tough, or extreme maze respectively.
Pressing escape will exit the demo.

A few debug keys may have been left in (hint try P ;-)).

Here's the demo in action from our stand at Play Blackpool:
Beaten by Positron at Play Blackpool (1 of 3)

We'd love to get your feedback regarding this demo and look forward to getting the full version out which features the Arena and Race modes too. If you'd like to get in touch please contact Martin (Director of Retroburn Ltd.) directly:
skype: retroburngames
twitter: @martincaine

April 11, 2014 - Bytrix

Tomorrow I'll be in Manchester (or actually Salford) demoing the game at Update Show in MediaCity UK. I've prepared a new demo, got a roller-banner produced and some swanky cards with the image you see above printed on them. I think the image is self explanatory, so if you'd like to win a free key for Positron when it gets Greenlit, please just vote for us and leave a message in the comments for a chance to win!

March 12, 2014 - Bytrix

We need your help pushing the campaign over the finish line. It's been up here for a long time and I've just let it run it's course but now I'm gearing up for release on mobile platforms and I want to give it a push to get on Steam!

Last year I integrated SteamWorks in to Superfrog HD as part of my day job. It gave me an understanding of how the SDK works and how the publishing system works too. I hope this will give me a kickstart when the game gets greenlit and I don't expect it to take me long to integrate leaderboards, achievements, and cloud save functionality in to the game for release on Steam!

I thought I'd share the current stats with you all too. The game has been up here on Greenlight since the service launched, and while it's had a decent number of visitors, two thirds of people that vote click 'no'. Very few of these people ever bother to comment either, but I'm grateful for all those that have clicked 'yes' and hope with a burst of new votes that we can get the game up to play on Steam very soon.

If you've already given us your vote please share the link on your social networks and blogs, tell your friends and family and help spread the word so we can get the game up on Steam for you lovely people to play as soon as possible.

The two recent preview / demo builds are available to download and play right here:

Positron PC Preview:

Positron PC Preview 2 - Extreme:

A new demo will be available to download soon featuring more levels and game modes not previously seen in our released media or preview builds. I'm also working on updating the head tracking for the Oculus Rift version to make the game less nausea inducing and will be sharing that with the Rift community in the next few weeks.

Our immediate goal however is to get the game submitted for Android (Google Play) and iOS by the end of March. Releases for Kindle, OUYA, GameStick, and any other Android based platforms will shortly follow, and if all goes well we'll be getting the game out on plenty of other platforms in the coming weeks and months :)

February 6, 2014 - Retroburn


Was the first Positron preview too easy for you? Think you're a master of Positron already? Check out Preview 2 which presents Positron the way it was intended!

You'll be dropped in to one of the tougher maze levels and will have to ride the fastest bike in the game. Watch out though, the sheer speed of this bike means you have to plan your turns more wisely! The level has the same block dimensions as the first preview, but is now using the scale you will see in the actual game, no more turning back, you're in it to the end with this one!

You can download the new preview build for PC right here:

Unzip the package and run setup.exe to install the preview.

This preview is still a very small part of Positron, it features one game mode (Maze), one one difficulty (Extreme), with the fastest bike in the game (Dragon). The full game features Arena, Maze, and Race game modes. Each of these three game modes contain levels of varying difficulty with Easy, Tough, and Extreme. You can choose between three bikes, the slow Eagle (with very nimble turning), the very fast Dragon (with a very wide turning circle), and the Scorpion, which isn't as fast as the Dragon but is easier to navigate around complex areas of the levels.

A selection of screenshots taken from preview 2 can be downloaded here:

If you've not played the first preview I would advise you to just try preview 2. The first preview was purposely simplified for the newer player and to provide a feel for how the game looks and plays. Preview 2 gives you more of a challenge and reaching the end of the maze is definitely more of an accomplishment than it was in the first preview!

A full demo featuring all three game modes and the full selection of bikes will be released this coming weekend followed by retail release later in the month on PC, Mac, and Linux, with iOS and Android versions soon to follow.


Retroburn Ltd is a one-man indie studio founded by Martin Caine from Wakefield, England.

Martin works full time in the games industry for a small studio (TickTock Games Ltd) creating games for mobile, PC, and console platforms. His most recent projects have been Burn Zombie Burn (PS3 to Android port), Worms 2: Armageddon (iOS to Android port), and Superfrog HD (Steam version). He designs and develops games in his spare time too and Positron will be Retroburn's first released title, with many more planned for 2014.

For further information please contact Martin directly:

skype: retroburngames

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