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Trading Cards
7. kesäkuu, 2013 - franfistro

Unepic will support Trading Cards

Today I spent the whole day setting up all the material needed. So everything is ready!

Trading Cards is still in beta and Steam is testing them in a few games. But before end of June, the beta will end and Cards of Unepic will be available for everyone.

One of the rewards of trading cards are emoticons. I included some but I am opened to suggestions.

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34 kommenttia
BehelitOutlaw 23. loka, 2013 4.15 
Still nothing
franfistro 9. heinä, 2013 5.11 
6 cards. I just wrote Steam to know when they will be available.
SDJuanma 1. heinä, 2013 5.55 
¿Se puede confirmar cuantas cartas/seta habrá?
Artico 28. kesä, 2013 11.34 
Arabin 21. kesä, 2013 12.43 
Awesome. I'm really enjoying Unepic, and this should bring in a bunch of additional players.
Cremoso 16. kesä, 2013 12.03 
maseral 11. kesä, 2013 9.17 
Nice !
Dan | Greuceanu 10. kesä, 2013 0.28 
Wow! This will be so EPIC !
Wilco[vioc] 9. kesä, 2013 14.18 
Nice !
Sr. Sugus de Piña 9. kesä, 2013 2.43 
Madre mia; estas que te sales. :D