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Thanks to everyone!
15. Januar 2013 - franfistro

Hello all,

I just want to thank you all. Thanks for your votes, thanks for your support and thanks to let the game be greenlighted. :-)

It will take a few months until the game is released in Steam. I will need some time to:

1.- Learn and use Steam's API as much as I can (clouding, achievements, news, highscores, ...)
2.- Finish the multiplayer mode.
3.- Include native pad support.
4.- All other stuff that Steam may ask me to change.

I will do my best to give you the nicest "indie" product I can. The best of being an indie developer is that nobody forces you with an impossible deadline, therefore you can finish your game the way it must be done: with love and affection.


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207 Kommentare
GamerWinz 23. Mai 2013 um 7:02 Uhr 
Good game i hope i'll be able to play it soon its very internesting to see such a nice game get greenlit not offending any other games just its a very good story and i just cant wait for the realese so keep making it awsome man
IBD 19. Mai 2013 um 7:50 Uhr 
So glad we are getting pad support. Let's see how it works with such a big inventory
{TLM} DojoDog 13. Mai 2013 um 5:58 Uhr 
The developer has already said on his blog that if you buy the game from his website, which is www.unepicgame.com , you will receive a free Steam Key once the game is available on Steam. I bought the game last night; I love it!
scruffybird 8. Mai 2013 um 21:06 Uhr 
Multiplayer!! :D
SUPPAMAN 5. Mai 2013 um 15:24 Uhr 
i want to play the game !!!
shintsu 5. Mai 2013 um 7:26 Uhr 
Finally :) Took some time but at good to see you get on Steam
Kylix 5. Mai 2013 um 1:08 Uhr 
never to be heard from again...
Dee 3. Mai 2013 um 11:31 Uhr 
Multiplayer is still in beta is that all we waiting for? Seems finished to me.
Meep Meep 2. Mai 2013 um 8:16 Uhr 
Well, just played demo and insta loved it :D Love those Blizzard references :D
{TLM} DojoDog 1. Mai 2013 um 9:33 Uhr 
I voted for Unepic on Greenlight ages ago. I want to play the game! Please release it!