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Red Crucible Firestorm
March 9, 2015 - Rocketeer Games

Our public beta is a couple of weeks from completion, lets hope all goes well until the end! We will start Steam integration soon after that...

May 4, 2014 - Rocketeer Games

Red Crucible has been Greenlit! This is all thanks to you, our great fans! Thank you.

As we mentioned before, we are working very hard on improving the visual graphics as well as the game mechanics and game design for Red Crucible. If all goes to plan we will be releasing a MASSIVE game update in Steam mid summer 2014.... I am linking a video to one of the new (work in progress) arenas, a new Frankfurt arena.

Did I mention that, along with all the visual updates, we will be adding combat vehicle progression? I am adding a video link to one of the new vehicles, the T-72 tank. Btw, there will eventually be dozens of new vehicles to play with, both land and air...

Again, thank you very much for helping us get Red Crucible Greenlit! ;)

April 4, 2013 - Rocketeer Games

Hey guys

Red Crucible 2.5 is now finished! Here are some of the new things you will see.

- FREE weapons! Yes we now have a BUNCH of really good weapons that you can unlock!
- Better player progression with 32 player levels.
- Working Armor! You can also now unlock vests and helmets to increase your resistance to bullets!
- Improved UI menus.
- New version is 100% compatible with the old version of the game. You will not lose any of your items.
- Rare and unique weapons.

The new version should be out within a week or so, stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for your support!


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