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8-Bit Commando
Linux version is out
10 maja, 2013 - 2dengine

Thanks to the laborious efforts of Phil, the Linux port of 8-Bit Commando is now available on Desura and BMT Micro. Please try the free demo and give us your feedback on here or our forums. Thank you for helping us bring 8-Bit Commando closer to release on Steam.

Try the demo:

Get the full version:
Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/commando
BMT Micro: http://www.2dengine.com/commando

Forums: http://www.2dengine.com/forum/

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Komentarzy: 3
HeavyBullet 11 maja, 2013 - 8:57 
I already got it on Desura. If that cool game got greenlit, will everyone who bought it on Desura get a Steam key for it?
Derk | RootGamer.com 11 maja, 2013 - 0:09 
Congrats on the release! This looks and sounds great
McMarius11 10 maja, 2013 - 14:47