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Lone Wolf
New Side Quest

The newest alpha build 0.5.1 is ready for download! Log in to your Play-Em account at and download the latest version!

The following changes were made:

  • Added a new sidequest involving Bud to assassinate Biff. Start a new game to start the side quest.

  • Fixed the way quests and dialogue are handled, should run smoother now.

  • Fixed some bugs and dialogue related to the tutorial text.

  • Fixed some input bugs related to the inventory and opening and closing.

  • Added some triggers to spawn more enemies when backtracking.
  • Fixed many of the camera issues, added camera shake to heavy hits.

It's been a while but I have been hard at work on some new content added to the level! Finished up a sidequest involving another NPC named Bud, you can find him in the South West part of the level. There are multiple branches of dialogue in his quest, so try to play it as you like and see what happens! I've also added some more enemies for when you backtrack to meet up with Bud again so it doesn't leave the level void of some fun character building combat to occur. I have reworked the questing and dialogue system quite a bit, so it should be easier for me to add quests and special level related events so I'll be adding some more to this level soon.

On another note, I'm happy to announce that I have also been at work on getting some new characters ready to animate and I have some help in this regard. I've been working with Mike Atniel, a really great guy and former animator of The Simpsons TV show, and we are getting some new characters rigged and ready to animate with an animation software that I've been really impressed with, called Stickman. Basically it allows you to set up cut out animation with deforming image control points, this allows for some really smooth transitions and making the animations look a lot less like cut out animation. We'll also be editing the images by hand to spruce them up a bit more and give them a more dynamic feel. I might share some of this development in a future video to show how we animate with it, as it is pretty impressive how easy it is to set up a rig and get it animated right away. We'll be working on new characters and brushing up the current characters using these techniques.

I'll be working on cutscenes next, fixing up the current ones, adding some more cutscenes, and fixing up some more of the art and bugs that pop up. Hopefully we'll have some neat new characters to show you soon! Pre-order or donate today at or at, to try out the new quest! Have fun with it!