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Lone Wolf
Day/Night and Destructibles

Halloween is right around the corner and here is your Werewolf fix!!! From now until Halloween at midnight, Lone Wolf: Episode 1 will be on sale for $6.66!

The newest alpha build 0.5.0 is ready for download! Log in to your Play-Em account and download the latest version!

The following changes were made:

  • Added destructible objects! Exploding barrels, crates with items, and other objects to smash up in the environment.

  • Day/Night cycles, near time 7AM/PM should change night to day / day to night.

  • Fixed loading to be much, much faster! Overall, everything should have been sped up considerably, load times should not be an issue now.

  • Fixed rare annoying bug that would have the objects being picked up not disappear and remain at character's feet.

  • Start a new game, save games will not work right with this build since spawning NPC's and items has changed.

  • Fixed many of the camera issues, added camera shake to heavy hits.

  • Fixed loading bug from savegames where multiple enemies would spawn in various areas.

  • Mash buttons to get up off the ground quicker and gain some extra Ki.

  • Minor fixes to textures, materials, and collision throughout the environment.

  • Minor bug fixes to the Menu, namely adjusting audio volumes.

  • Minor fixes to animations to load properly, should fix some of the effects animations not loading and playing properly.

  • Added a prompt for when a weapon that needs ammo and cannot be equipped.

  • Found a rare Unity bug that crashes Windows 64 bit standalones, if you are getting a crash on start with the 64 bit build, use the 32 bit one instead. This issue is still remaining until Unity fixes it since it is related to the physics used by the game engine.

This is a major build, I have spent a lot of time fixing many of the outstanding issues that have been plaguing the game for a while and am happy to say that this is getting ever closer to a polished state! I have added day and night, as I have been mentioning for a while now, it works perfectly and the lighting and cross hatching of the environment changes along with the time changes. I also decided to add destructible objects, now there are crates, barrels, concrete barricades, and exploding oil drums to smash up and find dropped items from. Destructible objects that have been destroyed should be saved in the save data, so if you load a save game and see any extra destructibles, please let me know.

This build also has some camera improvements as well as a camera shake now for when you or your enemies make heavy hits. I've also added the ability to get up off the ground after being knocked down quicker by button mashing. This will also result in gaining a bit of Ki as you do this, if you are very quick it can give you enough for that special move to get out of a dangerous situation! You'll have to start a new game since the old saves will not load spawns properly, you'll most likely see duplicates of NPCs and items if you do load from a save since I have changed the way the data is saved and loaded. Over all the whole game should have better speed, I spent a lot of time optimizing functions and removing unnecessary code and loading areas is the most notable, it should be taking a few seconds to load new areas now instead of a minute or two.

I have found a rare Unity bug that occurs on my system, as well as several others, where the game will crash on load almost immediately if you are using Windows 64 bit builds. If this is happening to you please email me the items in the crash folder, most importantly the output_log.txt file and the crash.dmp file. You can find this under the folder you installed the game to in a folder that has the date included as the folder name. As always, feedback is always welcome and appreciated, I really want to try to squash any remaining gameplay bugs that pop up and I will be spending a lot of time revamping the questing systems and fixing up the tutorial and GUI next. Lone Wolf: Episode 1 is available to pre-order at a special price for Halloween this week: $6.66! Pre-order or donate today at or at, to play the latest alpha build! Hope you enjoy this version and have a fun and safe Halloween!