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Minion Master
23. November 2012 - BitFlipGames

We're offering Minion Master pre-orders for 1/2 price this Black Friday weekend. Head over to the store[www.minionmaster.com] to get the game for only $10!

9. November 2012 - BitFlipGames

A member of the BitFlip games team will be online and hosting matches for the Minion Master beta community on Saturday, November 10th from 5-8PM GMT (9-Noon Pacific). All players are welcome to hop on and join in the fun! For more information, including details on our live chat server, visit the Minion Master Forums[minionmaster.com].

7. November 2012 - BitFlipGames

Two new features are shown off in the developer video diary below. First, the Minion Bar has received some love. It been updated to show you enemies as well as allies when choosing which Minions to play cards on.

Second is the 'Attack Player' card. This micro-management tools allows you to designate another player and all your Minions will default to attacking him/her. This card gives you a level of control not previously available (but often asked for) in the game.

Watch the video!

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