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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
15 gennaio 2013 - Spicy Horse Games

A massive, "Thank You!" to everyone for your votes and support! We made it! The team will start work on integration to the platform ASAP - and try to have the launch here coincide with the launch elsewhere (which is scheduled for Jan ~24/25th).

In the meantime, please be sure to check out the Open Beta, where you can play the game right now.
And take a look at our Kickstarter, where you can get some pre-Launch exclusive items, like the Valve inspired Spirit Pet Helper... The Karakuri Gaben!

Thanks again!

Spicy Horse

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Spicy Horse Games 17 apr 2013, ore 0:19 
Hey Steam Community! Just a quick update for you: The team is still hard at work making improvements to the game. We had thought the Steam launch could happen around March, but based on feedback and reviews from the Beta decided to continue developing on critical features. Bottom line, we want to make sure the game is in the best shape possible before bringing it to Steam - we only get one chance at a solid launch, right!? We appreciate your support and understanding. As always, visit us over on SpicyWorld if you'd like to engage with our development team, play the current game and make suggestions for improvements. (PS: We are speaking with Valve about putting the game in the "Early Access" section).
Philly 11 apr 2013, ore 13:49 
Cant wait till this offically hits steam, btw devs dont forget to make it linux compatible since it runs in a modified web browser, since I dual-boot it'd be nice to have it on both steams without wine-ing it.
Laurence King 20 31 mar 2013, ore 9:19 
Stoney 30 mar 2013, ore 8:26 
looks nice
Saoshyant 27 mar 2013, ore 9:31 
So much for THAT PLAN. Steam release date of 22 March is already behind us. The Greenlight entry hasn't been updated in months. What are you people doing?
Spicy Horse Games 5 mar 2013, ore 16:58 
THE PLAN is here, with details about upcoming features, platform launches (including Steam) and more:
Canaduhz 15 feb 2013, ore 22:35 
Any release date yet?
Mandurugo 4 feb 2013, ore 19:56 
Any update on the steam release date?
Chrono¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 22 gen 2013, ore 5:22 
nice! gratz on getting greenlit :D
curly_nuts 20 gen 2013, ore 18:36 
finally, an awesome looking game coming soon!