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Help One Way Heroics get through Greenlight!
9 декември 2013 - PLAYISM

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for all your help in getting La-Mulana greenlit. It's been wonderful to hear that everyone is enjoying their journey through the ruins.

That said, we need your help again. We have another game called One Way Heroics that we're also hoping to get through Greenlight.


One Way Heroics mixes roguelike gameplay with classic JRPG graphics, where you must outrun a terrible ever-moving darkness, and find the Demon Lord before all is lost.

You've helped us once. Now, help us again. Let's get this greenlit!

The PLAYISM staff

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7 коментара
eupawel 20 декември 2013 в 8:55 сутринта 
up vote from me =]
PLAYISM 10 декември 2013 в 5:01 следобед 
@Kreso We're hoping that in the future, we won't have to. :)
Kreso 10 декември 2013 в 5:10 сутринта 
upvoted of course!!! but why do you need to go again trough greenlight? for excample, running with scissors, scs software and snowbird games could put other games on steam without it after they had allready a game here
Aletheia 10 декември 2013 в 4:23 сутринта 
I have this game on playism, it's a cool game, so mass greenlight for it ! :)
MIND__LINK 10 декември 2013 в 2:16 сутринта 
upvoted tha shitt outta dis
KING BITCH 10 декември 2013 в 1:56 сутринта 
saddysally 10 декември 2013 в 1:49 сутринта