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Groupees Greenlight Bundle
19. prosince 2012 - PLAYISM

Dear La-Mulanites,

The fellows at Groupees are having a bundle pack sale where you can combine your own bundle of games that are on Greenlight. Sales have already gone past 2000, when 2500 is reached, everyone that bought a bundle gets La-Mulana for free!

Great way to support :) Tell your friends!

Check it out at; http://groupees.com/bagb

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Počet komentářů: 19
izx 30. pro. 2012 v 2.20 dop. 
thanks LOL @ real winter sale =)
Zeta 29. pro. 2012 v 6.59 odp. 
Yeah, I got 4 people to buy the bundle yesterday. Just wondering about how the Steam keys will be released. Will they just be added to our download page like the Desura keys?
Sonario 24. pro. 2012 v 7.18 odp. 
So will Steam keys be released upon buying this too when it's Greenlit, like the Desura keys already?
Maurog 21. pro. 2012 v 4.38 odp. 
I found where the real Winter Sale was hiding!
RazzleDazzle 20. pro. 2012 v 9.57 dop. 
You can say that I solely got the bundle for the La-Mulana OST. :D
Kain 20. pro. 2012 v 8.24 dop. 
Ok, bought =)
Shaman 20. pro. 2012 v 5.36 dop. 
PLAYISM 19. pro. 2012 v 11.43 odp. 
@Perma Hexx *Update Desura keys should be given out by now, can find them on your download page if correct
PLAYISM 19. pro. 2012 v 8.29 odp. 
So yeah :) they passed 2500! really awsome, not to forget after buying a bundle you get not only La-Mulana for free but also 3 OST Disks! Worth considering even for the guys who are waiting for the steam release right?

@CaliferGames votes have gone up a lot:) Keep spreading the word, the bundle is still on for 11 days

@Perma Hexx Desura keys should be on very shortly, we're looking into it