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Life after Greenlight
9 de Novembro de 2012 - Toploader

So we did it and thanks to you all for your support, but don't worry we are not resting. The plan was always to get the game up and on Steam asap, and then start to support the game with more updates.

Soon you can expect the Mac version to go up, anyone that already has the Windows version will automatically have the game added to their account via SteamPlay! Same thing with Linux when it releases.

We are now testing a patch which improves the WideScreen support and also adds in a FoV slider. This will improve the scaling issues with the hud. police wanted bar ect. Hopefully within a couple weeks this will roll out onto Steam.

Achievements are in their early stages. We have to get the Mac version ready and on Steam first then will start getting the base code ready. This might all take awhile so please be patient.

That's about it for now, but don't forget to follow our Forums, Facebook and Twitter for up to date news. If you have any direct questions or need support the best place to do in the forums, as we check there and post daily.

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72 comentários
BDX777 #XΣRXΣS 10 Set, 2013 às 10:11 
I wish I knew how to mod, I would definitely add some new areas!
I'd also like to know how much your stocks went up after this got greenlit and went on Steam.
† LucYfer † 10 Set, 2013 às 6:27 
Already heard of it 1 week ago.
Great news! Cant believe it. Tell me of some developers who still support the game after 10 years? And these guys are indie developers...
Just Great!
I hope you guys have a higher value of money then before, because of Steam.
Definitely deserved.
Toploader 10 Set, 2013 às 6:12 
Updates on their way too, all free.
† LucYfer † 10 Set, 2013 às 5:24 
One of the best games ever created.
Good that its finally on steam. Just realised it some weeks ago...
Shame on me.
Go now there shouldnt be anymore a problem with obtaining this game!
Support the developers!
Olliezilla™ 4 Set, 2013 às 10:46 
Holy moly, just realised this was on steam. Great work guys.
BDX777 #XΣRXΣS 20 Ago, 2013 às 20:06 
@Kyrandos and Toploader
Postal 3 had some optimization problems, fire was extremely laggy, even in Postal 2 fire was a little laggy.
I wouldn't say not to buy it, wait 'till it's on sale, you can edit a configuration file to unlock the freeroaming mode.
Also I made this custom blood texture mod you guys could try, I just have to remake it though.
BDX777 #XΣRXΣS 20 Ago, 2013 às 20:02 
Dr@gZ 11 Ago, 2013 às 3:31 
чувак не реально крут.
Toploader 20 Mai, 2013 às 7:02 
Getting there.
CometSeeker 20 Mai, 2013 às 6:58 
Now that Postal was released with achievements on 3 platforms and Postal 2 was made available on 3 platforms, what's the state on achievements for Postal 2?