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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
August 14, 2013 - techbear

The 2.0 PC version of Artemis SBS is now available at

------- changes for V2.0 -------

The UI art has been completely replaced, new crisper fonts, custom screen controls torpedo controls, and significant changes to every game screen.

Artemis 1 had distinct enemies and friendlies. This was inflexible, especially for multi-ship games (which are much more popular than we originally assumed). So a lot of underlying structure was changed, so that any ship could take on any role for any side.

Artemis 2.0 can now support up to eight simultaneous bridges (48 players). Multi-ship games got special attention, with lots of bug fixing and UI changes.

Science scanning now has much more data displayed about NPC ships, and this information has more mission ramifications.

By popular request, there is now a full-fledged PVP mode, where any number of sides and teams can battle each other in arena sectors that can be tuned to limit torpedo and ship types, as well as the number of NPC ships on each side.

four new NPC non-combatant ships now ply the spacelanes, offering many new scenarios for Artemis crews. These ships can be broken down, hijacked, blinded, held hostage, and more.

Pathing AI has been added to all NPC ships. No longer can players rely on the stupidity of enemies that blunder into black holes and minefields.

Artemis ships play in real 3D now, with climb/dive controls (button, keyboard, and joystick). Players can fly OVER a black hole, and come up underneath enemies.

The Skaraan enemy race has always bedeviled Artemis players with cloaking, warping, and other special abilities. Now these abilities have doubled, including tractor beams and drone launchers.

As with any major release, there are also many, many bug fixes, corrections, and adjustments, thanks to the feedback of our awesome fans.

July 10, 2013 - techbear

"The bubbling chaos which consumes your bridge as you warp around the sector trying to solve problems and mitigate damage is a delightful experience, and as much fun as failing may be, watching success grow out of that chaos is even more rewarding. It will take some practice (and is generally helped by having a good captain), but that moment when your plans actually start to come together and the various crew members each really do their job is absolutely wonderful. And you must all work together and share information with each other; no single console on the bridge has enough information or control over the ship to operate their own position most effectively. As your crew slowly gets into the swing of things, you’ll hear various crew members giving brief bursts of information to each other as the captain coordinates the whole show. And it’s glorious."

January 20, 2013 - techbear

------- changes for V1.70 -------
fix problem with comms text color changing over time.

Now engineering has another key (RETURN/ENTER) that resets all the coolant values to zero. Also, pressing the key that resets all sliders to 100% (SPACE) and then pressing it a second time will do the same thing (reset coolant values).

F9 and F10 will now cycle through all the consoles active on your client.

On Helm, press RETURN/ENTER to center the rudder of the ship. Press ESC to toggle reverse on and off. Yes, Helm now has reverse.

On Science, press Y to select the closest object to your ship. Press U and I to cycle through all the scannable objects on your screen. Scan selected objects by pressing RETURN/ENTER.

On Science, you can now use the mousewheel to zoom.

On Engineering, there's a dark red bar around the "selected" system of the eight systems you can adjust. Move the selection using the A and D keys. For the selected system, change the power slider using the W and S keys. Adjust the coolant for that system using the E and C keys.

You can toggle shields with the Q key, but now you can also use the K key to raise shields, and the L key to lower them.

On Weapons, Auto Beams can be toggled with the B key.

All references to USFP have been changed to TSN.

Scriptors now have more power over the text of a unit that science sees. They can adjust text fields for race, class, small desc, and science desc. Small desc appears in the info dialog of the science console. So does science desc text, but only after a unit has been scanned twice.

You can now type in values for the jump drive.

Engineering damcon systems have been adjusted, so they (hopefully) don't fall out of sync with the server.

An expression evaluator has been added to the scripting system. Now, everywhere you might use a literal number (like 1, or 3858, or 34.56), now you can use an equation (like 5+3, 45.6 * 65/ 2, etc.) You can even use variable names in the equations, (like myVal, 5 * speed - 2.44, etc).

The Comms console now uses the number keys was well as mouse clicks to navigate the menus.

The scripting system has new commands that let you ask certain clients for keyboard input. Those clients will now send keyboard press messages to the server, which can be used by the script (using the "if_client_key" conditional) to trigger events.

Collisions have changed, from a soft bounce to a hard bounce. This changes how space objects bump against each other, in a subtle but significant way.

Vector normalizing code was changed to trap a zero-normal condition

Removed "invisible to sci" from Skaraan abilities

Changed the way torpedo unloading is handled. "tube lock" should no longer exist.

Enemy fighters often showed up with USFP textures and science details. This has been fixed.

The ship option controls on the Helm and Main Screen consoles (when NOT playing) have been changed. there's no longer a "submit" button; changes are automatically submitted.

The initial dialog box that lets you set a resolution has a new mode; full-screen windowed mode. This makes the screen a borderless window that covers the entire desktop.

Changed sound code to tolerate a missing sound device (for rackmount servers).

Show/hide arcs in weapons now also has the option to show player arcs only.

Made drones fall into black holes.

fixed problem with comms text color over time.

DAMCON Team Replenish message always poped up when docking, even if no teams took casualties. Fixed.

The warp slider has been recalibrated, so you have to drag it all the way up to reach warp 4.

Clients and servers both now have a toggle button called "3d Chase Camera" that lets you choose a chase cam OR an "out-the-window" view.

On the client login screen, there's now a bit more information about the status of the login attempt.

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