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Folk Tale
Folk Tale BETA Sign Up
7 de novembro de 2012 - Games Foundry

Sign up to the Folk Tale Beta:

Alternatively you could buy the alpha on Steam Early Access when it launches May 30/31 and start playing immediately.

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90 comentário(s)
yaer123 4/mai/2013 às 9:25 
nerdgirljenn 2/mai/2013 às 12:51 
I signed up as well. Looks like a lot of fun.
wickbrian0 29/abr/2013 às 12:51 
So i just say sign me up .ok im in! yea kool lookin gamr
BioRu$$ 24/abr/2013 às 4:20 
Signed up
Games Foundry 15/abr/2013 às 14:57 
@Panetlis You can always sign up again - it will update any existing account with new preferences and send you the latest email newsletter if you opt in.
-STYX- 12/abr/2013 às 4:52 
I am not sure but I think I signed up allready...did it?
karenzkeep 9/abr/2013 às 8:15 
looks like fun
Stigma #Simple 8/abr/2013 às 7:47 
Signed up!
Nightchills 6/abr/2013 às 10:35 
woot can't wait looks good
vladimii 5/abr/2013 às 12:13 
Signed up too!