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3079 -- An Action RPG
January 3, 2014 - phr00t

Trading Cards for 3079 have been approved! Check them out, pick 'em up & get trading! :)

December 28, 2013 - phr00t

Hey all,

There is a free key giveaway for Paranautical Activity on the Phr00t's Software Facebook page:

What is Paranautical Activity? An awesome game by another awesome indie developer!

Hope you check it out -- comment, share & win! You'll also get future updates on 3079 and 3089, as well as giveaways from being part of the Facebook page! :-)

- Phr00t

October 30, 2013 - phr00t

First, thank you to everyone who made this possible. 3079 wouldn't be coming to Steam without your support -- I highly appreciate it!

Now, wouldn't it be silly to have 3079 on Steam, but not the upcoming sequel, 3089? I think so! I'm hoping Steam will realize this and allow both games on Steam. However, we can also keep showing our support on the 3089's Greenlight page:

I will be getting 3079/3089 keys to current owners of the game as soon as I can -- I look forward to serving you on Steam!

- Phr00t

October 28, 2013 - phr00t

Hey guys,

Keep the voting going for 3079 -- we are in the top #20 and should be greenlit soon!

Now, about the recent 3089 update to v0.116b:

Lots of good stuff in this update -- things should be feeling more balanced. I made some changes to make commonly unused things more useful, like the "Consumables" skill, pistols & launchers. Consumable items (like health and energy) are more expensive & come in smaller packs, but the "Consumable" skill has been made much more powerful to get more out of each consumable use. Pistol accuracy has been improved (which was their main complaint), but the range has been reduced. Launchers will now always have a special statistic, like leech, stun & corrosion damage.

The main menu looks much nicer now & is dynamic:

The pause screen will also now show the game in the background -- it just all looks more polished. New item graphics also make the inventory look much better.

There is a new "escort" quest task -- you will have to find a friendly robot & escort him safely to a specific position. I made the robot move quickly & stay very close to you, so as long as you are safe, your escorted robot should be too! After you finish the quest task, your escorted robot will continue to follow and support you -- even if you didn't have the "Prestige" points to request him as a follower.

Another welcome change will be quick exits from towers after defeating the leader at the top. When you start to go down floors, you will be prompted to be teleported outside.

Head over to the version history to see all the changes:

What is next? I'd like to get the "merge-mode" feature in co-op multiplayer implemented!

OK, back to work,
- Phr00t

October 7, 2013 - phr00t

Hey all,

3089 keeps getting better & a new trailer was just released showing off the latest "Time Ripping" feature! Feel free to share with your friends & thank you :-)

- Phr00t

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